How To Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity

Not Knowing

The unknown is a scary place. It can bring fear, anxiety and confusion and may leave you feeling weak, vulnerable, unprotected. In response to uncertainty you may overanalyse, get caught up in catastrophic thinking, become passive or try to implement quick-fix solutions to regain control.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if uncertainty led you to a place of new knowledge, new thinking, new opportunities?

Based on the award-winning management book Not Knowing – The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity Steven D’Souza takes the subject of uncertainty and turns it on its head. He shows how it’s possible to harness unpredictability and the unknown to successfully live and lead in an era of disruption and change.

Who knew Not Knowing was such a smart thing to do?
Ed O’Malley, President and CEO, Kansas Leadership Center

Discover how you can…

  • challenge your assumptions to find new alternatives
  • take meaningful risk
  • observe, explore and experiment
  • admit not knowing in order to create deeper connections
  • re-frame failure and invite feedback
  • reward questioning and curiosity
  • find strength in vulnerability
  • invite fluidity and flexibility
  • embrace the power of empathy and self-compassion

When you lean into Not Knowing a world of possibility opens up. Unshackled by the need for certainty, you’re free to broaden your thinking, seek new insight and discover fresh perspectives. Innovation can be harnessed, creativity embraced. As a leader, you can go forward, confident that not knowing will lead to powerful new opportunities and positive organisational change.

Available as a keynote or workshop tailored to your organisation

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Steven spoke to us about the power of Not Knowing at our leadership conference. His presentation was thought-provoking, inspiring, based on sound academic research, perfectly positioned for our audience and his style was exceptionally engaging.
Sue Palfrey, National Trust
Steven spoke to an audience of over 200 executives, both in the room and joining via webinar from around 28 countries around the world. He presented a dynamic and thoughtful overview of the topic of Not Knowing and answered questions from staff members on its application in an open and engaging way. Feedback we received from attendees was very positive, including from EVPs and members of the Management Committee.
Cristina Vasiliu, Program Lead, ArcelorMittal University
Steven balanced what was an informative and constructive seminar with an openness that allowed all of us to find our own way to deal with Not Knowing. It couldn’t have come at a better time for our group and I’m certainly far more confident that we will find our way in the darkness – and am looking forward to the experience.
Joel Balkwill, CEO, Spiral Skills CIC

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