Build Social Capital Through Networking

Brilliant Networking

Social capital is the resources available to us through our relationships and is built through effective networking. Trust, goodwill, influence, information, ideas, leads and business opportunities can all be tapped into by creating a wider personal and business network.

Through networking, executives can move out of their organisational silos to encounter fresh perspectives, exchange strategic thinking, access expertise and receive emotional and political support. Yet despite its benefits, few people are taught to network effectively.

Steven D’Souza, author of the international best-selling Brilliant Networking: What the Best Networkers Know, Say and Do, takes this undervalued skill and shows you how to leverage networking so you can build your social capital.

Discover how you can…

  • develop the mindset and skill set of effective networkers
  • build rapport quickly and connect with people deeply
  • bust the ‘myths’ of networking
  • understand how the structure of your network impacts on pay and promotions
  • broaden your network and become a ‘T’-shaped leader
  • cultivate a diverse network to harness creativity and innovation
  • use social capital to facilitate business development and growth
  • network within your organisation to create a culture of collaboration
  • bridge personal, operational and strategic networks
  • maintain an effective network that renews over time

From a wealth of tips and techniques, you’ll discover how to become a proficient networker, helping you to maximise your social capital and lead your career and organisation forward.

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