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Steven D’Souza is an award-winning executive educator, speaker, coach and best-selling author. He blends philosophy, psychology and Eastern and Western wisdom traditions with practical management approaches to bring a powerful new dynamic to organisational development and transformational leadership.

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Not Knowing

You may be facing increasing ambiguity and uncertainty yet may feel groundless and afraid to say ‘I don’t know’.

What if instead you can embrace Not Knowing and respond to the unknown not as a place of uncertainty but as a place of exciting opportunity?

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Not Doing

The pressure to work longer and harder has increased yet you’re encouraged to ‘hustle’ and work smarter – leading to anxiety, exhaustion and burnout.

What if instead you can learn Not Doing – neither pushing nor pulling but adopting the art of effortless action in leadership.

Keynotes & Workshops

Not Being

The global pandemic showed us that disruption is part of life and that uncertainty can leave us feeling disconnected, isolated, fragile and alone.

What if instead, you can explore Not Being – using change to re-invent yourself and chart a new course of clarity, purpose and contentment.

Keynotes & Workshops

Executive Coaching

Individual and team coaching to spark breakthrough transformation.

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Praise for Steven...

Steven D’Souza is a master practitioner in Leadership & Team Development, as well as workshop facilitation. I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Steven at Facebook and TikTok, where he facilitated a session on networking and social capital and managing ambiguity through the Art of Not Knowing. Steven is brilliant at breaking down complex concepts into practical and actionable advice. He’s a gifted facilitator and a master storyteller, inspiring global organisations both in-person and virtually. I highly recommend Steven to anyone who’s interested in developing leadership across all levels of their organisation.

Harsh Vekaria, Talent & Development Manager EMEA, TikTok

It was a very interesting session, which busted some myths and opened my eyes – I know I will benefit from it.

Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Destined to become a reference book for managers who aim to improve their strategic vision, Not Knowing offers valuable insights and advice on how to find equilibrium in a constantly changing and uncertain world.

Santiago Iniguez de Onzono, Dean of IE Business School

Steven’s presentation was thought-provoking, inspiring, based on sound academic research, perfectly positioned for our audience and his style was exceptionally engaging.

Sue Palfrey, National Trust

A truly inspirational insight into the art of Not Doing, this book is a genuine must-read for all who want to be the best version of themselves, are striving to achieve real success or looking to achieve true life balance and lasting happiness.

Sue Henley, EMEA Head of Talent Development, Education and Diversity, CA Technologies

Steven balanced what was an informative and constructive seminar with an openness that allowed all of us to find our own way to deal with not knowing.

Joel Balkwill, CEO Spiral Skills CIC

If you care about where you are going, where you are taking people, and how, you should read Not Doing before setting out.

Gianpiero Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD

There are two aspects that particularly impressed me about Steven. The first relates to the power in his communication, aided by an ability to deliver interactive and meaningful workshops with conviction, respect and humility. The second relates to his transformational abilities as a coach, namely his capacity to engage as a highly effective and values-based facilitator for rapid personal and professional growth.

Andrew Jacob, Marketing, Sales and Sustainability, BHP

Not Being is a go-to book for leaders driving a connected and sustainable world.

Sarah Barron, SVP, Global Talent Management, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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