How To Thrive In A Disruptive World

Not Being

Volatility, fragmentation, alienation, fragility – these are all fault lines of personal, organisational and societal change. We may react to these shifts by disconnecting with others, becoming polarised in our thinking, relying on self-centred behaviour or taking ego-driven action. In the midst of disruption, we can become isolated, alone, separate not just from others but from our own sense of self.

Yet what if disruption gave us an opportunity to re-invent ourselves and re-set our course?

Based on the book Not Being – the Art of Self-Transformation Steven D’Souza shows leaders a surprising new way to survive and thrive through disruption. He invites you to look deep within yourself to create a new identity, find meaning and purpose and discover new answers to how you really want to live and lead.

Not Being is a compelling guide to a sustainable model of leadership.
Megan Reitz, Professor of Leadership and Dialogue, Ashridge Hult Executive Education

Discover how you can…

  • navigate transitions successfully
  • find contentment instead of constant seeking
  • invite inquiry and curiosity without judgement
  • harness ‘creative destruction’ to make way for the new
  • innovate through ‘serious play’
  • explore rather than ignore resistance
  • seek wisdom from a modern elder
  • play ‘the infinite game’
  • leave a legacy in the ‘second half’ of life

Change is challenging but brings with it the opportunity for self-transformation. When you use disruption to transform yourself and your organisation, you can re-emerge with clarity, purpose, wisdom and contentment.

Available as a keynote or workshop tailored to your organisation

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Not Being invites us to see our lives and our practice of leadership as an inquiry, challenging us to move from advocacy to curiosity, and from self-centeredness to the recognition of our fundamental interdependence.
Sarah Barron, SVP, Global Talent Management, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Not Being is a call-to-arms, an elegiac reminder that how we deal with disruption defines us.
Whitney Johnson, author of Build an A Team, Disrupt Yourself and Dare, Dream, Do
An insightful and considered exploration of what it means to be human and how our lives are entwined with everyone and everything around us.
Andy Lopata, author of Connected Leadership and Just Ask
Not Being is paradoxically positive and future-focused. Embrace it!
Stuart Crainer, co-founder, Thinkers50