Learn The Art Of Effortless Action

Not Doing

We’re living in an age where busyness is seen as a status symbol. We’re working harder and faster, constantly driving, striving, managing, directing, pushing to achieve, slaves to deadlines and to-do lists. Caught up in the frenetic pace we feel anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted. Thinking slows and stagnates. Action becomes mindless and ineffective. Burnout beckons

Imagine a life where you could stop, step back, slow down, do less – and yet live and lead in a way that was infinitely more productive and fulfilling, happier and healthier.

Based on the book Not Doing – The Art of Effortless Action Steven D’Souza explores the myriad benefits of Not Doing. He shows how we can break the cycle of more work, more effort, more struggle and find a new way to harness effortless and sustainable action both as leaders and in the wider world.

Not Doing may be the best thing you’ve never done.
Daniel Pink, Author of Drive

Discover how you can…

  • embrace boredom
  • wait for new insight and ideas
  • be present for yourself and others
  • pause before action
  • seek solitude for quiet contemplation
  • create space for team input
  • lead by listening
  • harness serendipity and spontaneity
  • stay centred in the face of difficulties

Not Doing isn’t about inactivity or passivity – it’s about purposeful intention. Embrace Not Doing and you’ll discover how to lead effectively with purpose and ease – and experience less stress, greater productivity and more satisfaction in everything you do.

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The best leaders are often defined by what they don’t do rather than what they do. Not Doing provides a powerful antidote to the new ills of busyness and will help you step back and think, creating space for others to step up.
Liz Wiseman, Author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts
As most leaders of organizations navigate their way through overwhelming digital, market and societal complexity, Not Doing helps simplify and de-code key human traits that we have forgotten or become less aware of, in the pursuit of a “greater good”.
Rafat Malik, Vice President, Dean of The Saudi Telecom Company Academy
The term “not doing” is deliberately provocative. Because not doing is genuine doing: it is being present, reflecting, letting the mind wander, recover, retrieve, refresh. Leave your mind alone and it will work for you and with you.
Margaret Heffernan Entrepreneur, Chief Executive and author of Beyond Measure and Willful Blindness

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