How To Harness Diverse Talent

Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse talent is imperative for a successful 21st-century workplace yet it’s still under-utilised. Many organisations have made concerted efforts to attract talent from a diverse spectrum of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. Attention now needs to move beyond creating an environment of inclusion and belonging and focus on how best to harness diverse talent.

Diversity of people equals diversity of minds – bringing together multiple ideas, insights and approaches. Cognitive diversity – different ways of thinking – can help drive innovation, enrich decision-making and problem-solving within teams and bring fresh perspectives rather than a ‘group-think’ mentality.

So what can you do to ensure your diverse talent is celebrated and encouraged?

In this keynote and workshop Steven D’Souza, co-author of Made in Britain and former Head of Diversity for Santander (UK) and Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion for Merrill Lynch Investment Bank (EMEA), shows you how to lead a diverse workforce and reap the benefits of an inclusive organisation.

Discover how you can…

  • leverage diversity in thoughts and perspectives
  • recognise homophily and actively embrace difference
  • use the power of role models and be aware of the pitfalls
  • avoid ‘echo chamber’ thinking
  • empower employee resource groups to succeed
  • be an inclusive leader to create a culture of belonging
  • leverage diversity in individuals and teams to create innovation
  • become an effective sponsor or mentor

Going beyond the business case, Steven delivers experiential learning and practical know-how to help you experience the power of diversity, inclusion and belonging in your life and organisation.

Available as a keynote or workshop tailored to your organisation

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